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2020 election

Russia has been publishing English-language articles to spread COVID-19 disinformation to Americans, US officials said. It could skew the 2020 elections as it did in 2016.

Russia's GRU intelligence unit published 150 articles about the coronavirus pandemic via proxy websites. Many ridiculed the US pandemic response.

Republican senator David Perdue deletes campaign ad that enlarged Jewish opponent's nose amid charges of anti-Semitism

The Perdue campaign took down the ad, but claimed the nose enlargement was "obviously ... accidental."

No, Trump can't cancel or postpone the November general election over coronavirus

Attorney General Bill Barr said he "hadn't looked into" the matter on Tuesday. Only Congress can change the date of the election.

The US Postal Service is urging voters to request their November mail-in ballots at least 15 days before the election

USPS cannot guarantee that voters' ballots will arrive by a specific date and is encouraging voters to plan for a 2-week roundtrip for their ballot.

How to vote by mail in your state in the November presidential election

Experts recommend requesting your ballot as soon as possible, carefully following the instructions to fill out, and sending it back well in advance.

Trump aides believe the president has no hope of reelection without a COVID-19 vaccine, report says

President Donald Trump has been trailing in recent polls, and more than half of all Americans disapprove of his response to the US coronavirus crisis.

A Bernie Sanders campaign cochair says choosing between Trump and Biden is like having 'a bowl of s--- in front of you, and all you've got to do is eat half of it'

Nina Turner used a graphic metaphor while describing to The Atlantic the choice between President Donald Trump and the centrist Democrat Joe Biden.

A lawyer who helps ultrawealthy families get secondary citizenships says business is booming in 2020 — and not just because of the coronavirus

Wealthy Americans are already looking to the election and are prepared to "vote with their feet" if taxes go up.

Trump knows his reelection chances are in trouble, so now he's trying to confuse Americans and erode trust in our elections

Trump is losing to Biden, according to almost every poll. So now he's trying to sow discord and confusion about the election.

Sam Nunberg, the adviser who came up with the Mexico wall idea, says he still wants to see it built — and that Trump would 'kill' Biden in a debate on border issues

Sam Nunberg is still an advocate of the border wall idea that was so instrumental in getting Trump elected — despite it still not being fully built.

The 8 questions that will shape the last 100 days of the campaign

Is Trump's fear message landing? Is the economy recovering or staggering? Is the pandemic easing and can Trump take credit? Has Biden been demonized?

In November, the candidate leading the vote on election night may not be the one who wins

Polls indicate that Republicans are less likely to prefer or trust mail voting than Democrats, meaning the results could shift as ballots are counted.

The Trump campaign's fundraising emails have gotten very in-your-face and awkwardly personal, especially with Eric and Don Jr.'s guilt trips

One recent subject line from Eric Trump read "I convinced my father to give you another chance," before signing off "Don't let the President down."

Trump has dug himself into a deeper hole in Florida, highlighting how far he's slipped among seniors

Trump was already trailing Biden among seniors nationwide, but new polling shows a troubling trend for the president in his new home state of Florida.

Photos show inside Joe Biden's socially distant presidential campaign

In contrast to President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden has centered his campaign around wearing masks and keeping physical distance.

Buy these 19 cheap healthcare stocks poised to beat the market regardless of election outcome and the fate of Obamacare, BTIG says

BTIG recommends a bunch of stocks ideally positioned to crush the market, regardless of who wins the 2020 presidential election.

Facebook is not taking down a misleading Trump campaign ad that shows a fight between protesters and police in Ukraine in 2014

A Facebook source did not comment on the network's decision not to remove the ad, but said politicians are exempt from its fact-checking program.

Trump keeps boasting he 'aced' a 'very hard' cognitive test: Here's one like it you can take — see if you can match him

Trump likely took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Its creator said it's not about IQ, but issues associated with things like Alzheimer's.

A new algorithm could catch social-media trolls as they try to influence US elections. Researchers are offering it for free.

Researchers say they've developed a way to identify social-media trolls involved in disinformation campaigns.

A new Trump campaign ad depicting a police officer being attacked by protesters is actually a 2014 photo of pro-democracy protests in Ukraine

The Trump campaign ad says "public safety vs chaos & violence" and includes an image that's not from the US protests at all.
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